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GoGlo English is founded on the principle of being a Global Citizen

In today’s increasingly interconnected world, we believe that people thrive when they learn from people different from themselves. Just ask any of our students...

What does it mean to be a ‘global citizen'?

Global citizens don’t just feel connected to a city or a country, they feel connected to the entire
world and the people in it. They are engaged in global affairs and what is happening both close and far away from them. Global citizens believe that can make any part of the world their home. From the corner where they live, they are ready to commit to global challenges and opportunities, no matter how far. Above all, they can truly associate with people and communities different from themselves.

Why is being a global citizen important?

Being a global citizen is essential to living in the 21st century, a fact organizations, universities and companies worldwide agree with. It is linked to key life skills such as: responsibility, communication, creativity, critical thinking, flexibility, and decision-making. To be a global citizen means living and thinking beyond your immediate area and ultimately improving your life and career prospects and making your dreams come true.

How does GoGlo English help you become a global citizen?

English is the gateway to the world and is becoming increasingly necessary for working, traveling, studying and more. Through our language immersion programs, you will not only learn English in a foreign country, but will also have the opportunity to live abroad in a multicultural environment. Here you will meet new friends, open your mind and experience new realities. We truly believe that these experiences not only expand students’ minds, but also make them more conscious and aware of what is going on in the world. In other words, these experiences prepare students to become global citizens!

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