See what our students think



Age: 13

Trips: Wexford, Ireland (2016) and London, England (2017)


"I felt like a movie star taking London’s famous red bus to school everyday!"


Age: 15

Trips: Wexford, Ireland (2016) and London, England (2017)


I gained a lot more confidence in my English speaking skills because of going abroad.


Age: 15

Trips: Wexford, Ireland (2016) and London, England (2017)


Visiting Ireland was the first time I traveled without my parents. I was surprised at how many people I talked to that I would have never met otherwise.


Age: 21

Trip: San Francisco, California, USA (2017)


One of my favorite memories of studying English was cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge to Tiburón and catching the sights, sounds and smells of San Francisco.


Age: 42

Trip: Wexford, Ireland (2016)


My English was not very advanced before I went to Ireland, but despite this the locals and my teachers helped me a lot.


Age: 13

Trips: Wexford, Ireland (2017), London, England (2017) and Edinburgh, Scotland (2018)


One thing that I learned from studying English abroad that I wouldn’t have otherwise was practical skills.


Age: 13

Trips: Wexford, Ireland (2016) and London, England (2016, 2017)


My cousin studied English abroad through GoGlo English and had a fantastic experience, which encouraged my parents to send me abroad as well.

See what our parents think


Child: Gerard
Age: 14
Trip: Wexford, Ireland (2017)

I was hesitant at first to send my son abroad, but I changed my mind after speaking with parents whose children had gone on trips organized through GoGlo English.


Child: Mercé
Age: 11
Trip: Wexford, Ireland (2017)

Mercé was the youngest person in her group to go abroad, which naturally made us (the parents) hesitant. We were immediately impressed with the GoGlo English staff’s professionalism.


Child: Laia
Age: 14
Trip: Wexford, Ireland (2017)

My daughter’s experience studying English abroad was well-organized. She had an instructor and group leader available at all times.


Child: Marta
Age: 16
Trip: Wexford, Ireland (2015)

There is no doubt that English has become the second language in most countries, and I knew if my daughter learned English she would be able to communicate with even more people and broaden her mind.