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Explore what our programs have to offer! 

GoGlo English offers a variety of ways to learn English abroad. We are happy to customize packages best suited to your needs. From a rural coastal Irish village to a white-sanded beach in paradise, just tell us where, when and how you would like to study English, and we’ll do the rest! We handle everything from housing requests, itinerary planning, booking daily and weekend activities, excursions, workshops and more.

All Programs Offer


24-hour emergency contact

Weekend excursions

Make friends from all around the world

Variety of English levels

Simply Book Now to get our personalized recommendations of which programs are best suited to your needs.

Perfect for:

Adults and teens (16+) who are interested in flexible program duration and locations



Individual Stays are ideal for adventurous adults and teens who wish to study abroad solo.
These programs are super flexible; students can stay anywhere from 1-48 weeks in a variety of locations and study individually, in small groups, in classrooms or other tailor-made options. Students can also choose what type of English they want to learn (business English, vocational English, exam preparation, etc.)

Students take a placement test to determine which level of English they will learn, from Beginner to Advanced (A1 to C2) according to the CEFR, ensuring they are always being challenged but not overwhelmed.

Individual Stays

Perfect For:

Students that have a set group they want to study together with. Group stays are designed for young adults (11-18), however we also organize trips for friends, families and work colleagues --- just ask!

Group Stays With Group Leader

Students are accompanied by a group leader who is an English teacher and an expert in the destination. The group leader accompanies the students throughout their trip, traveling to the destination, accompanying them to the school, staying during lesson and organizing afternoon and weekend activities. They are the guide throughout the trip and are available at all hours if needed.

Perfect for:

Students of compulsory secondary school (ESO in Catalan)



School Integration Programs

Study for a term or a whole academic year in an Irish or English secondary school. Students learn how to communicate with native speakers while absorbing the local culture and practices. Parents can rest easy as GoGlo English organizes school enrollment, books, uniforms and accommodations with host families.

Perfect For:

Primary and Secondary schools looking to offer their students a unique and useful end-of-course trip.

End-of-course School Trips

Let us plan your ideal Primary and Secondary school end-of-course trips! We offer full packages that include English courses (optional), accommodation, afternoon activities, full day excursions and transfers. As with all GoGlo English packages, everything is handled directly by us. Students are guaranteed to have a memorable time while directly practicing the English they have learned throughout the academic year.

Perfect for:

Adults looking to widen their prospects by improving their English



Internships & Au-Pair Programs

These programs focus on improving English for work purposes, whether you have just graduated from university and want international work experience or are seeking to change your career by working overseas.
For internships we offer English courses (optional), housing and an unpaid internship in a local company in the sector of your choice. Our au-pair programs include English courses (optional) and work as an au-pair for a suitable family. The au-pairs live with a host family, take care of their
children and do some housework.

Perfect For:

Families looking to vacation, study and improve their English together


Planning where to spend your summer family holiday? Look no further than our Family Courses. These courses are adapted for each member of the family and are all in the same school. Each family member attends lessons best suited for their level, course type and age, with lunches and breaks taken together. A variety of accommodations are available, including self-catering apartments, bed and breakfasts or hotels. Packages can also include a wide range of activities and excursions perfect for the whole family to enjoy together.

Perfect for:

Anyone! Ideal for those looking to improve their English while enjoying a hobby (or taking on a new one), such as golf, yoga, music or surfing.



Special Packages

We have a large variety of English courses in various destinations that combine learning English with extra activities.

Whether it’s swimming with dolphins, hiking mountains or learning an instrument, let us know what activity you would like to take up and we’ll design a package especially for you.

Perfect For:

Make a direct impact on your bottom line with our English for Professional courses.


Take classes with others in your field and learn vocabulary useful to you and your line of work. Or, take general Business English courses which teach common office verbiage and useful phrases. Whatever your career, English for Professionals courses will make using English at work much easier.

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