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Discover how you can customize your trip

What Can You Expect Going Abroad With GoGlo English?

As soon as students book their trip they can rest easy because we take care of the rest.

Students will get a team of skilful travel agents who know how to deal with all of the logistics of taking individuals and groups abroad. All flights, transfers, insurances, host families, schools, placement tests, and more are taken care of by us. For packages with group leaders, students will be accompanied by an English language expert who is well-versed in the country.

GoGlo English’s goal is not just to get students successfully to their program. We make sure they are speaking English at all times and learning new vocabulary and grammar throughout their trip.

Each student is unique and we are committed to providing the best experience possible for everyone. We create packages best suited to each individual students’ lifestyle, learning habits and personality.


For us, the best parts of the trip come when we see students laughing and learning English together. We have a lot of fun when they have fun!

Host Family


Why do parents trust GoGlo English?

We take care of the students. In the midst of attending classes and exploring new places, students can get overwhelmed. We help them communicate with their host families and ensure they don’t get homesick. By providing small, personalized programs we are fully aware of the needs of each child.

We also use private group chats with all the students’ parents so they are updated on everything going on with their child at all times. Additionally, group leaders and staff accompanying the children make sure that the students speak English at all times to maximize their learning.

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