We know booking a language program abroad can seem complicated, however it doesn’t have to be! Contact Us now and let us know your requirements. We are happy to answer any questions and provide a quote made just for you. 

Group Stays

Who are group leaders?

Group leaders are experienced travelers, English language experts and certified teachers or instructors who are well-versed in taking students on trips abroad and are skilled in the destination. They accompany students to classes, on social and cultural activities and more. Parents and students can contact them at all hours if needed.

What is the day of departure like?

The designated group leader is responsible for ensuring students reach their host families smoothly. All students meet the group leader at a designated meeting point at the airport. The group leader will have all boarding passes, flight information and more. They take students through customs and help them deal with baggage at both the departure and destination airports. Once they arrive, the group travels together to the host city where group leaders ensure students meet their host family.

What information will parents have about their children during the trip?

Parents are kept up to date on all activities through private messaging groups. We regularly send pictures of what the students are doing and update parents if there are any changes to the plan. Parents can also contact the designated group leader at any time.

Are children accompanied when going from the accommodation to schools and to activities?

Yes, if the parents would like, students in Group Stays are always accompanied when going from the host family’s house to the school as well as to activities and trips. For students on individual stays, we can provide transfer services if they would like to be accompanied.


Which type of accommodations are offered?

We offer a wide variety of accommodations including host families, self-catering apartments, shared apartments, college dormitories and houses. We can customize housing based on the individual’s needs, the destination they are traveling to and who they are traveling with.

How are host families selected?

We work with schools who hand-select all host families. The schools follow a strict criteria when selecting host families. The host families must obtain police clearances and the schools regularly visit the host families, interview them, survey the accommodations and do inspections before approving a family. Students also share feedback after their trips to ensure the host family is qualified.

Are changes to accommodations allowed?

Changes to accommodations are dealt with on a case by case basis. While we are confident in the accommodations provided, we always try to help if any issues arise. Please note that host family accommodations generally cannot be changed prior to arrival.

Do you cater to different types of diets?

Yes, we do. Students with dietary restrictions can provide us with a list of foods they can and cannot eat which we will share with the host family. Additional costs may be incurred should you require your host family to accommodate a special diet.


How do I book a package?

The first step is for students to fill out the form on the Contact Us page with their requirements. We will prepare a custom quote based on the student’s requirements and English learning goals. Once the package is finalized, students can pay through the Book Now form to secure their spot.

When is payment due by?

We encourage students to pay their deposit as early as possible to guarantee a spot in their desired program. A deposit is due to guarantee a spot in a program, and full payment is due prior to departure. Students can pay in installments if desired.

Can you help with booking my flights?

Yes, we can book flights for an additional fee or provide a list of recommend flights or airlines that students can book themselves.

Which insurance is required?

We offer a wide variety of insurance students can purchase based on their needs covering travel, health, damages, cancellation and more. Depending on the destination, students may be required to purchase health insurance. Additionally, we can look into using insurance a student already has that they would like to apply towards the trip. We highly encourage all students to have cancellation and health insurance prior to the trip.

What is your cancellation policy?

This depends on the specific program the student has chosen and is dealt with on case by case basis. If cancellation insurance is purchased we will offer a full refund, depending on the terms and conditions.

How far in advance can I book a package?

There is no restriction as to how early a student can book. We encourage students to secure their deposits in order to guarantee a spot in their desired program. Please note information about host families and social activities will only be available a few weeks before the start of the course.

Are discounts available for family or group bookings?

Yes, some programs offer group discounts. Students can share their details and we will see if a discount is available.

During The Trip

How will I manage to live in a foreign country and deal with transportation, food, etc.?

Prior to departure we provide a dossier with full information about the destination, school, and host family as well as useful expressions, where to go shopping and more. Students will also have a point of contact from GoGlo English that they can reach out to at any time. For students looking for a guided experience, we recommend our Group Packages which include a group leader who accompanies students on all trips.

What happens if a student gets sick?

For European Citizens traveling within Europe (including the U.K.), the European Health Card covers all health costs and is free of charge. Students traveling outside of Europe will have health insurance included as part of their package. In case a young learner or student on a group trip gets sick, they will have a designated group leader who will accompany them on all doctors visits and will check up on them. For adults, we will do our best to ensure that the educational institute assists them for all medical needs.

Learning English

How long are courses? What are the minimum and maximum course durations?

Courses can be customized based on the students’ needs and generally last from one week up to one year. For students looking for a highly customized package, we encourage our one-to-one programs. For example, if a student is visiting a country during a business trip we can place them into an ongoing course for a few days based on their schedule.

Do students take a placement test? What if the course I am enrolled in is too advanced for my level?

All students take a placement test offered directly by the school to ensure they’re placed in the correct level. In the rare case a student would like to change their course level during the trip, we can look into making adjustments.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the English course? Do I need to pass an exam?

Yes, all students get a certificate of completion at the end of their course. Students also take an exam at the end of the course to track their progress, however it is not required to get the certificate.

How many students are in each course?

Classes are generally 5-12 students in size, depending on the specific program and time of year. We can look into customizing packages for students seeking individual, small or large group lessons.

What level of English courses are offered?

All levels are offered, ranging from beginner to advanced, including Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels A1-C2. We also offered specialized English courses such as business English, English teacher training and more.

Do you offer Cambridge University English examinations?

Yes, Cambridge University exams are administered in all of our destinations. Students who book a long course abroad can take their Cambridge University exam (levels KET, PET, FCE, CAE or CPE) at their destination once they've completed their course.

How many hours per week are lessons?

Courses are generally between 15-25 hours per week. If a student would like more or less hours of instruction, we can adjust the hours with one-to-one individualized lessons.

Can I book private lessons?

Yes you can, depending on teacher availability. This is an ideal option for students seeking to advance their English significantly because schools create custom courses based on a student’s specific goals.

How do you ensure that students speak English at all times?

For Group Stays, group leaders are responsible for ensuring students speak English at all times. Students’ host families and schools also encourage them to speak English at all times to maximize learning.


What do packages include? (meals, accommodation, transportation, etc.)

This depends on what the student would like included in their package as almost everything is customizable. For an all-inclusive option, we recommend our Group Packages. They include airport transfers, accommodations, course fees, activities, meals, various insurance, visas and more. They also come with group leaders who are accessible at all times.

Which social and cultural activities are included?

We encourage students to tell us which activities they are interested in and we’ll do our best to accommodate them. Group Packages include a set itinerary with various types of activities (cultural, sports, educational, leisure, day trips around the area, etc.). Schools also offer their own packages and activities for students to pick from. Please note some school activities are free of cost while others cost a nominal fee.